The cedmonds EFL program archive


The programs here are all available for free download. They will run in a DOS window and have been tested in Win9x. The files are zipped and are each in the 50K range.

ph&wo1  - Paragraph & Word Order #1
ph&wo2 - Paragraph & Word Order #2
plurals1 - Plural Forms of Nouns #1
plurals2 - Plural Forms of Nouns #2
punct1 - Punctuation #1
punct2 - Punctuation #2
sufix - Suffixes (& Prefixes)
verbs1 - Principle Parts of Verbs #1
verbs2 - Principle Parts of Verbs #2
gunex1 - Misc Word Use Questions
let - Build a Word Bridge Between 2 Words

Related trivia (the story behind these programs)

Back in 1984, I found myself in the position of having to teach ESL/EFL using computers without the advantage of having any software to do it with. The school I was working at provided me with a set of 48K Sinclair ZX Spectrums and I set about writing my own software for use with 11 year old first year English learners.

Over the years, I applied for and got the copyright to this  work twice. I even marketed them to local schools. Since 1990, the collection has been available on the web (